Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.  We work hard to ensure that our website collects no more information from you than is necessary, and that any information we do collect is secure and is used responsibly.
This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and how we use it.
Personal Information
We collect no personal information about you except when you send us an enquiry or a booking form.
We may retain the enquiries and booking forms you send to us indefinitely, and we may use your information to contact you about our products and services which may be of interest to you.  If you would prefer us not to contact you again please tell us by telephone or email.
We never give or sell your details to another person or organisation, except on your behalf when we:
- Obtain prices from or make bookings with our suppliers relating to your enquiry or booking
- Make arrangements to guarantee your booking under the ATOL or TTA schemes.
Cookies are small data files which our website places on your computer and which are sent back to us each time you make another request for a page or information from our website.
Our website places cookies on your computer of the following types:
Session cookies: These are temporary cookies which we use to help you navigate around our website.  For example, it helps us to help you if, when you go to a page, we know which other page(s) on our site you have visited recently.  This information is stored in session cookies.
Session cookies are not stored permanently on your computer and they expire 20 minutes after you finish using our website.
Analytics cookies: These cookies allow us to analyse, on an aggregate basis, how visitors locate and use our website.  This helps us to improve our site and our products and thus offer a richer and more relevant experience.  
Analytics cookies remain on your computer indefinitely.  They contain no personal information and they are not used to identify you personally or to track you outside of our website.
YouTube cookies: Videos embedded in our website are powered by YouTube.  When you play a video YouTube may place cookies on your computer.  YouTube’s Privacy Policy can be found here: http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/
None of these cookies contains any personally-identifiable information.  Cookies cannot harm your computer and cannot read any data stored on your computer.
If you prefer not to accept cookies you can change your browser settings to refuse them: http://www.aboutcookies.org/.  
If you do refuse cookies from our website some functions may not work correctly.
Technical Information
Whenever you make a request for a web page or information from our web site, our web server logs certain information about your request.  This includes:
    • The data and time of the request
    • The page or information you requested
    • Your IP address
    • The type of browser you are using
    • The type of operating system you are using
    • The website and page from which you made the request.
We use this information only to collate statistical information about our website, and to assist us in maintenance and troubleshooting.  We do not try to identify you or to link you personally to any of this information.  The logged data is discarded after 5-6 days.
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