Oaxaca Holidays

Lying in the south of the country in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, some 200 miles from Mexico City, Oaxaca (pronunced Wah-HAH-cah) is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist locations. It is a World Heritage Site, surrounded by an abundance of Zapotec and Mintex ruins, archaeology and culture. It is nicknamed la Verde Antequera, after the many buildings of local green stone and with its easy going atmosphere it is perfect for exploring and sampling the local food. The cuisine is reputedly the finest in the country and this is a foodies paradise. Cooking classes are widely available.
Oaxaca is also famous for its extravagant festivals, chief of which is the Day of the Dead from mid-October to 2 November, when the memories of the deceased are honoured throughout the country. Throughout July, you can enjoy the Guelaguetza, a celebration of Oaxacan music and dance. Christmas here runs from mid-December to 6 January and includes the world famous radish carving competition – The Night of the Radishes.
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This is the land of Mesoamerica, or Middle America, stretching southeast from southern Mexico through Central America to Cost Rica. It has been inhabited since about 2,300 BCE in turn by the Olmec, Mayas, Toltecs and Aztecs – not to mention the Spanish.
From around 600 CBE what is now the state of Oaxaca was part of the Zapotec civilisation and ruled from nearby Monte Alban, or White Mountain. This is a magnificent mountaintop expanse of astronomically arranged municipal splendour dating from 500 BCE. You can see pyramids, temples, tombs and dwellings, plus jaw-dropping views of the city and the surrounding valley, all just a few minutes from the centre. A major must-see on all Oaxaca holidays.
A little further out lays Mitla, once the religious centre of the Zapotec culture, and another of the many well preserved archaeological sites in the region. Milta is famous for its intricate fretwork mosaics and beautiful geometric patterns, designs and architecture.
The mountain countryside of Oaxaca state is stunning and provides ample opportunity for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The people, though often poor, are warm and friendly and the numerous villages offer a wonderful range of local crafts such as wood carving, wool rugs and wall hangings, called tapettes, ceramics and earthenware.
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